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I'm a full-stack engineer specializing in WordPress, JavaScript, and Software Architecture. I currently build enterprise websites at 10up.

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I write long-form articles on the intersection of software and entrepreneurship. I write these on an irregular schedule, but when I think the community can benefit from them.

More frequently, I write condensed notes on software and business, delivered via email every Saturday. Think of it like my Twitter feed, but with the ranting distilled into its purest form.

As mentioned, I use Twitter to talk about software and entrepreneurship with my community of fellow hackers and business founders. If you want to hang out, this is where I'm at.


I write some open-source code whenever I get a chance and in between projects. You can find most of my professional code on GitHub, and some of my older code on my personal profile.

I'm going to be organizing some #IndieHacker meetups in the Boise, ID area as soon as my schedule settles down (probably fall of 2019). If you're interested in being a part of that, hit me up.

I recently started Freeshifter. It's in the very early stages and I'm figuring out my target audience and product-offering. So far, it's main value prop is predictable development through a subscription model — this has yet to be validated though, and could change.

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