About Calvin

Calvin Koepke

I'm what some would call a full-stack engineer (although I think that description is less than clarifying).

Basically, that means I'm comfortable building API's as much as I am building frontend UI's. While I sacrifice deep expertise in either field, I have a unique advantage of being able to think about problems from the perspective of the whole stack. This comes in really handy when researching and deciding on the best possible sofware architecture for a project.

Professional Background

I grew up on WordPress but have always been fascinated with the powers other methods, such as static site builders, JavaScript frameworks like React and Vue, and most recently alternative PHP frameworks like Laravel.

I started as a graphic designer, then moved to frontend engineering. Soon I was messing with the backend, and getting into DevOps including building robust deployment processes and systems for my own code.

If you need help, coaching, or a quality website designed and built for you, I'm available for hire. You can also read my articles on software and business.

Personal Story

I am lucky enough to be married to a wonderful wife, and the father of 3 amazing boys. Before you ask, yes — there are more kids in the future (we hope).

Both my wife and I grew up in Montana, but migrated to Boise, ID in 2018. It was one of the best decisions we ever made.

We enjoy getting outdoors, doing home renovations when we can, and being as creative as possible. Our long term goal is to supply a modest lifestyle on part-time income.

Have questions? Ask me anything on Twitter!

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