just_like_youWriting allows my thoughts, usually contained in a chaotic box called my brain, to come into some state of order. Often times, I discover myself through the things I write, and this is an experience that most bloggers can relate to.

I have several endeavors online (such as web design and themes), but none of them are truly my own. None of them allow me to talk or express myself completely for who I am, and that’s something that I desperately need in order to make sense of life.

This website is my own personal nook. A place where I can be “unfiltered” about my beliefs, opinions, and struggles. Some things that I write about may be offensive for some, but that’s life. You can’t please everyone.

Hopefully, something good comes out of setting myself free. I can’t guarantee that I’ll post regularly or even that I’ll keep this site up. But for now, it’s something that I need.

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